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By Susan Bennett

photo of two young men being presented with an award Photo by Adam Lee

Two Young DaDaFest winners being presented their awards by Niko (Newt from Hollyoaks). Photo by Adam Lee

Image: Photo by Adam Lee

Young DaDaFest is an exhibition of artworks on show at World Museum Liverpool until December 5 2009. Susan Bennett visited.

There were no signs leading to the Young DaDaFest exhibition at World Museum Liverpool. Instead, I found a very helpful security man guarding the exit to the museum shop who pointed out that the exhibition was on the second floor to the right. Note well.

What particularly caught my eye was the teeming photo of fish: slivers of gold and yellow which gleamed just under the water. This is by Daniel, age 15. Also, by John, the slender tracery of delicate black fibres on a bed of sand. This portrayed what looked like a skeletal horse. It had a stark, instant impact while being intensely fragile.

It was all very impressive. If the ages of the young artists were not included, you would have assumed this was an adult exhibition worthy of the Tate. From just looking at the photographs, masks, reliefs and paintings, it is not hard to see the future is indeed bright for disability arts in Liverpool.

Young DaDaFest Exhibition
November 17 – December 5
10 am – 6 pm, daily, FREE
World Museum Liverpool, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EN
Telephone: 0151 478 4393