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#SummitPortrayed: Tanya Raabe-Webber
'1 Beach Road' by RedCape Theatre
100 Artists for World Aids Day
15mm Films: The Way Out
A Bigger Picture: David Hockney at the Royal Academy
A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Taking Flight Theatre Company as part of the Unity Festival
A Reflection on The Other Side of the Coin by Signdance Collective International
Aaron Williamson's Demonstrating the World - oddly familiar and brilliantly odd
Aaron Williamson: Performance, Video, Collaboration
Absolutely Funny People
Access All Areas
Access All Areas: Eye Queue Hear
Actors Touring Company [ATC]: Blind Hamlet
Adam Hills: Inflatable
All Eyes On Us by Eelyn Lee Productions
All Eyes On Us by Eelyn Lee Productions at the East End Film Festival
All is calm, all is chaos, in Mark Wood's world
Allan Sutherland: Neglected Voices at DAiSY Fest 2014
Alternative Guide to the Universe at the Hayward Gallery, London
Amandla! by Freewheelers Theatre Company
An Instinct for Kindness
Anatomy of an Athlete Elite sport, surgery and medical art
Ardent Hare present First Impressions - a Go Public commission
Are you having a laugh? TV and Disability
Art and Power: transformARTive
Arts & Disability Ireland and Fire Station Artists' Studios ‘Pathways to Practice’ symposium
Arts and Disability Ireland: Face On
Assessing access at the Royal Academy of Arts: InPractice
Attenborough Arts Centre Launch – Art, Life, Activism
Attenborough Arts Centre official launch: Lucy + Jorge Orta
Austen's Women
‘An Earthworm called Girlfriend and Other Stories’ by the Grace Eyre creative writing group
‘Defying Definitions: disability arts in the mainstream’
‘Good Kings Bad Kings’ a novel by Susan Nussbaum
‘Growing Audiences’ – Audio Description Association’s National Conference
‘Ivor Gurney: The Poet Who Loved the War’, BBC4
BBC Four: John Ogdon: Living with Genius
BBC Imagine: Turning the Art World Inside Out
BBC One's Ripper Street
BBC Radio 4 and Graeae Theatre: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Beauty and the Beast by One of Us in co-production with Improbable
Beneath the Streets: Lost & Found, Punchdrunk Enrichment and Hijinx Theatre
Bernadette Cremin performs Altered Egos
Bernadette Cremin tells tales about her Altered Egos
Billy Childish: Unknowable but Certain
Birds Eye festival
Birds of Paradise Theatre Company present Crazy Jane
Birds of Paradise Theatre present Purposeless Movements
Birds of Paradise: Wendy Hoose
Bobby Baker’s Diary Drawings: Mental illness and me, 1997-2008
Bounce Festival 2015: ‘Reassembled… Slightly Askew’ by Shannon Yee
Brian Lobel presents Ball and Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Brighton Festival presents Art Of Disappearing’s The Last Resort
Brighton Festival presents The Ricochet Project's 'Smoke and Mirrors'
Brighton Festival: Complicite The Encounter
Bush Theatre: 'Islands' by Caroline Horton
Cabinet of Cynics and Stepping Out Theatre present The Divided Laing, or The Two Ronnies
Caroline Cardus: The Way Ahead
Ceramic Impressions/ British Dental Association
Channel 4's 'Seven Dwarves'
Chris Fonseca: So Beautiful Choreography
Christine Finn: Leave Home Stay
Claire Cunningham: Give Me A Reason To Live
Climbing Mountains in the Dark
Common Pulse: Intersecting Abilities
Contemporary Art from Iraq
Cooltan Arts and Artangel: On Our Way Here
CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES launch
CoolTan Arts presents 'Making it Happen' at the BFI
Creative Minds one day conference 2015
Creative Minds South East one-day conference
Creative Minds South West one day conference
CripFest 2015
Criptease at Southbank Centre's WOW festival
Crossings by Julie McNamara
Crossings by Julie McNamara
Curing Perfect Lab at Brighton Science Festival
Dada-South @ DadaFest International 2008
DaDaFest 2009 - Resistance by Liz Crow
DaDaFest and Turf Love present Unsung
DaDaFest Art D’Visions
DaDaFest International 2010
DaDaFest International 2014: Owen Lowery: Otherwise Unchanged plus support from Liverpool Poets
DaDaFest International 2014: 'Unsung' by John Graham Davies and James Quinn
DaDaFest International 2014: Art of Living the Experiment
DaDaFest International 2014: Art of the Lived Experiment
DaDaFest International 2014: Kazzum Theatre: Where’s My Nana?
DaDaFest International 2014: Lisa Simpson's 'Brought to Life'
DaDaFest International 2014: Rachel Gadsden Al Noor: Fragile Vision
DaDaFest International 2014: Sheila Hill's 'Him'
DaDaFest International 2014: Ship of Fools
DaDaFest International 2014: Sophie Partridge's 'Song of Semmersuaq'
DaDaFest International 2014: Staff Benda Bilili
DaDaFest International 2014: Syndrome 3.1: Music/ Brain Experiments
DaDaFest International 2014: The City Speaks
DaDaFest International 2014: The Life and Impact of Edward Rushton
DaDaFest International 2014: Unsung Hero: Liverpool's Most Radical Son
DaDaFest International 2014: You Are My Sunshine: Terry Galloway
DaDaFest International Congress: Disability Culture and Human Rights
DaDaFest On Tour: Young DaDaFest 2013
DaDaFest09 - DaDaNoise at the Bluecoat, Liverpool
DaDaFest: Working Lives: Here & There
Daily Life Ltd and Bobby Baker 'Letting in the Light'
Daily Life Ltd: Expert View Symposium... let them eat cake
Danny Start: To Be Continued...
Dao Writers on Literature
DASh Film Festival 2008
Day Six: When Motherhood and Madness Collide
Deaf Teens in a Hearing World, BBC3
Deafinitely Theatre present Gold Dust
Deafinitely Theatre's Grounded at Park Theatre
Deafinitely Theatre's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream
Deafinitely Theatre: 4Play 2012
Death: Southbank Centre's Festival for the Living
Death: Southbank Centre's Festival For the Living
Deborah Williams: oUo maan
Decibel 09 day two: the march of the bunnies!
Decibel 09 review: No Idea by Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence
Decibel09 review: Metallicum by Anya Ustaszewski
Decibel09 showcase in Manchester - first day report
Decibel09: Jo Bannon pitches Claim to Fame
Dementia Diaries
Diary Drawings: Mental Illness and Me by Bobby Baker
Disability Action in Islington: A Regular Freak Show
Disability and Social Change: Private lives and public policies
Disability Arts Cymru
Disability Arts Touring Network: Krip-Hop Nation
Disability Arts Touring Network: The Ugly Girl
Disability Arts Touring Network: The Why? Festival
Disability: A New History on BBC i-player
DIY Theatre: In Other Words
Djamu: Cornwall Festival of Disability Arts
DoesLiverpool: DesktopProsthetics workshop and exhibition at FACT
Don't Wake Me: The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong
Don’t Call Me Crazy - documentary season on BBC Three
Double Sentence
DYSPLA Festival 2013
Edinburgh Festival: Audio-description at the Unlimited Exhibition... Summerhall
Edinburgh Festival: Graeae: The Solid Life of Sugar Water
Edinburgh Festival: Jo Bannon presents Alba
Edinburgh Festival: Marc Brew, 'For Now, I am..'
Edinburgh Festival: Ramesh Meyyappan’s 'Butterfly'
Edinburgh Festival: Stopgap Dance Company's 'Artificial Things'
Edinburgh Festival: Unlimited Exhibition... Summerhall
Edinburgh Fringe 2007
Edinburgh Fringe 2011
Edward Burra
Envisage Review
Esther Appleyard: A Series of Lines
Explore: Disabled and Deaf People engaging with Galleries
Extant present Sheer
Extant present The Chairs
Extant Theatre present The Chairs
Extant Theatre: Flatland
Extant: Effing & Blinding Cabaret
Extant: Resistance
Extant:ComBUStion at Liberty 2015
Extraordinary Change: Engage International Conference 2013
Extrêmitiés by Cirque Inextremiste as part of the Unity Festival
Face Front present Counting the Ways
FACT, Liverpool: Lesions in the Landscape
Fittings present Raspberry - based on the life and times of Ian Dury
Forest Forge Theatre Company: Woman of Flowers by Kaite O'Reilly
Francesca Martinez: ‘What the **** is Normal?!’
Fresh with Cando2 Youth Dance Company
From There to Here: The hidden history of People with Learning Difficulties at Liverpool Museum
Frozen by fingersmiths
Gary Thomas: Hidden at DAiSY Fest
Gobscure present Collector of Tears
God/Head by Chris Goode
Gold Run
Goldsmiths Disability Research Centre Launch Event
Graeae and Circo Crescer e Viver present Belonging
Graeae Theatre Company's 'Reasons To Be Cheerful'
Graeae Theatre present The Threepenny Opera
Graeae's The Solid Life of Sugar Water at the National Theatre
Graeae’s Reasons To Be Cheerful
Graham Lewis
Greaeae: The Limbless Knight - a tale of rights reignited at the Greenwich and Docklands Festival
Greenwich and Docklands International Festival 2009
Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age at FACT, Liverpool
Growing Up Downs: Blue Apple Theatre documentary on BBC 3
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Hijinx Theatre and Frantic Assembly
Hastings Storytelling Festival: The Velvet Curtain
Hayward Gallery host Martin Creed's 'What's the point of it?'
Heart N Soul - Soundlab - Play Space
Heavy Load: The Queen Mother's Dead
Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors. Late Works 1950-1954
High Wyrrd 2008
Hijinx presents Meet Fred
HOAX & Luminary Theatre present Hysterical
Holton Lee: Light
How to Look Good Naked
iF Platform bursary winners Silent Faces come out of the filing cabinet with Follow Suit
If These Spasms Could Speak by Robert Softley
Improbable Theatre present 'The Devil and Mister Punch'
In Conversation: Discussion event on Arts, Disability and Collaborative Practice at FACT Liverpool
In Touch with Art: Conference on Art, Museums and Visual Impairment
Infinitas Gracias: Mexican Miracle Paintings
Inner Worlds Outside
InTouch at the RA: an audio described tour of the 'Giovanni Battista Moroni' exhibition
It Hasn’t Happened Yet by Liz Carr
Ivan Riches and Simon Puriņš: 'Children of the Great War'
Jacob Bell and the Artists/Royal Pharmaceutical Society
James Leadbitter: 'Madlove'
Jez Colborne: GIFT at the Southbank Centre
Jon Adams - the Goose on the Hill
Ju Gosling: Abnormal
Julie McNamara: Pig Tales
Kaite O'Reilly: Beyond Victims and Villains
Karen Finley relives the AIDS crisis in ‘Written in Sand’
Katherine Araniello & Jenna Finch: Screw the Taboo
Kiruna Stamell and Gareth Berliner: One of Us Will Die
Knitting Time by Colin Hambrook
Kris Halpin The Gloves Are On
Kulunka Teatro's 'Andre & Dorine
Labyrinth of Living Exhibits
Launching Rockets Never Gets Old/Camden Arts Centre
Laurence Clark: Health Hazard
Laurence Clarke: 12% Evil
Lea Cummings: Infinite Psychic Love Explosion
Leadership Lounge
Liberty 2011: London's Disability Arts Festival
Liberty 2014
Liberty Festival 2004
Liberty Festival 2005
Liberty Festival 2007
Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence present No Idea
Liz Carr -The Benefits Downstairs
Liz Carr: It Hasn’t Happened Yet
Liz Crow: One and Other
Lizzie Emeh
Lizzie Emeh See Me Part 1 - The Clan
London Film Festival Diversity Town Hall Discussion
Longcare Survivors: Biography of a Care Scandal
Lynn Manning: Weights
Maggie Sawkins: Zones of Avoidance
Matisse Cut Outs | Tate Modern, London
Mental Spaghetti: The Mind Machine
Mental: A History of the Madhouse
Mind the Gap – Of Mice and Men
Mind the Gap Theatre Company: Boo
Mind the Gap: 'Contained'
Mind the Gap: On the Verge
Miroslaw Balka at Tate Modern
Mother Courage and her Children by the Library Theatre Company
Myrtle Theatre Company and Salisbury Playhouse 'Up Down Man'
Nabil Shaban: The First To Go
National Theatre presents The Suicide
New Life: Blind In Theatre Festival Croatia 2007
Next Swan Down the River Might be Black
Nick Blinko's 'Visions of Pope Adrian 37th'
On The Next Level: Space Between
One man’s weekend as a moth at Devoted & Disgruntled 7
Open Theatre Company's 'Is That All There Is?' conference highlights work by young people with learning disabilities
Oska Bright 2007
Oska Bright 4th International Film Festival 2009
Oska Bright Film Festival 2004
Oska Bright Film Festival 2011
Oska Bright Film Festival 2013
Oska Bright Film Festival 2015
Outside In Launch
Owen Lowery: Otherwise Unchanged
Paddy Masefield : Strength
Pangaea: New Art from Africa and Latin America at Saatchi Gallery
Paralympic Handover day
Paul Cade: Light Being
Penny Pepper: Lost in Spaces
Penny Pepper: Lost in Spaces at DAiSY Fest
Peter Campbell: Brown Linoleum Green Lawns
Peter Street: Thumbing from Lipik to Pakrac
PhotoVoice’s launch ‘Able Voices: Participatory photography as a tool for for inclusion’
Picasso and Modern British Art
Picture Taking: Exploring Myself Through Photography
Poet in the City: Poetry and Sign
Polar Bears by Mark Haddon
Preview: Lets Make History Together 2012

Preview: One Morning In May - Noëmi Lakmaier
Preview: The End by film-maker Ted Evans
Pulse Festival: Laura Dannequin: Hardy Animal
Pulse Festival: Ramps on the Moon
Q S Lam: Schizophrenics Can Be Good Mothers Too
Rachel Gadsden: Whispers from the past
Rachel High and Julie McNamara: Steak and Chelsea Out to Lunch
Ramps on the Moon and Birmingham Rep present The Government Inspector
Re-Presenting Disability: Activism and Agency in the museum
Really Old, Like Forty Five by Tamsin Oglesby
Reframing the Myth: Graeae and Central Illustration Agency
Resistance; Which Way the Future
Retina Dance's Spring Tour of 'Layers of Skin'
Review: 2Heavy Productions present Blue/Orange
Review: A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
Review: Abigail McLellan (1969 – 2009): A Retrospective Rebecca Hossack Gallery
Review: Abnormally Funny People
Review: Abnormally Funny People
Review: Abnormally Funny People
Review: ActOne ArtsBase present A Sense of Beauty
Review: Alf Wiltshire
Review: Amadou and Mariam
Review: Animation at Oska Bright Film Festival 2009
Review: Arc Dance Company perform A Sense of Beauty at The Place's annual Resolution event
Review: Aylesbury Paralympic Flame Celebration
Review: Back to Back Theatre present Small Metal Objects
Review: Battle for the Winds with Breathe at Weymouth live site
Review: Birds of Paradise present 'In An Alien Landscape'
Review: Birmingham Rep Theatre present Gravity
Review: Bobby Baker - Mad Gyms and Kitchens
Review: Cast Offs - Skins plus Shameless plus Disability equals what?
Review: Celebrating The Legacy of Woody Guthrie
Review: Changing Lives, Changing Times
Review: Colin Hambrook '100 Houses'
Review: COnscription by Caglar Kimyoncu
Review: CoolTan Arts: 'The Winter Edition'
Review: Cooltan Arts: Women of Dickens exhibition
Review: Corali Dance present 'One of a Kind' and other new works
Review: DaDaFest 2009 - Kevin Connolly photographs at Open Eye Gallery
Review: DaDaFest 2012
Review: DaDaFest presents an evening with Evelyn Glennie
Review: DaDaFest presents Richard Tyrone Jones's Big Heart
Review: DaDaFest presents Terry Galloway's ‘Mean Little Deaf Queer’
Review: Damon Albarn presents Dr Dee
Review: DASH and Live Art Development Agency present M21: From the Medieval to the 21st Century
Review: Deaf Arts Network presents Tools of Communication
Review: Deaffest 2012
Review: Deafinitely Theatre present Double Sentence
Review: Don't You Forget About Me - InMind at the RA
Review: Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye at Tate Modern
Review: Fairport’s Cropredy Festival 2012
Review: Festival of the World outside spaces at London's Southbank
Review: Fight Face by Tin Bath Theatre Company
Review: Fox Searchlight Pictures present The Sessions
Review: Free: Art by Offenders, Secure Patients and Detainees
Review: Graeae present Prometheus Awakes
Review: Graeae Theatre Company present Against the Tide
Review: Greenwich + Docklands International Festival 2012
Review: Handspring Puppet Company present Crow
Review: Hang Ups starring Sophie Partridge
Review: Hayward Gallery presents Invisible – Art of the Unseen 1957-2012
Review: Hijinx Theatre present The Adventures of Sancho Panza
Review: Hijinx, Odyessy present Whispers on the Waves
Review: Imagine...Theatre of War BBC 1 26 June 10.35 pm
Review: imove - LeanerFasterStronger
Review: Improbable Theatre: Devoted & Disgruntled 2013
Review: Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
Review: Karamel Gallery presents I Am An Artist
Review: Kiruna Stamell and Gareth Berliner present ‘A little Commitment’
Review: Liberty Festival 2012
Review: Light Show at the Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre
Review: Living Where the Nights Jive anthology by Disability Arts Cymru
Review: Liz Bentley: AAA Rating
Review: Liz Crow presents 'Bedding In' as part of The Spill Festival
Review: Love's Labour's Lost Performed in BSL by Deafinitely Theatre
Review: Lucian Freud Portraits
Review: Lung Ha's Theatre Company – Around the World in 80 Days
Review: Marc Brew Company present a Triple Bill featuring Dame Evelyn Glennie
Review: Mark Ware's 'Cathedra 900' at Exeter Cathedral
Review: Mike Leigh's play 'Grief'
Review: Mousetrap Theatre Projects present Shrek The Musical
Review: Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers
Review: My Song: a film about inclusion and exclusion
Review: New Music 20x12 at the Southbank Centre
Review: Niet Normaal: Difference on Display
Review: Nudd and Galloway's 'In the House of the Moles'
Review: One World: Conference on the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People
Review: Oska Bright Film Festival - The Big Awards Night
Review: Outside In at Pallant House by Colin Hambrook
Review: Outside In: National 2012
Review: Pathways to the Profession Symposium
Review: Playwriting Mentoring Project for new and emerging playwrights with Kaite O’Reilly
Review: Priceless London Wonderground present Cantina
Review: Rita Marcalo's 'Involuntary Dances'
Review: Road to 2012: Aiming High
Review: Rosaleen McDonagh's ‘Mainstream’
Review: Shape Open
Review: Shape present Perceptions Of Balance
Review: Shape present The Adam Reynolds Bursary Shortlist Five and the First Four
Review: Signdance Collective International present ‘The Other Side of the Coin’
Review: Simon McKeown's 'Motion Disabled: Unlimited'
Review: SOMEDAY ALL THE ADULTS WILL DIE: Punk Graphics 1971- 1984 at the Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre
Review: Southbank Centre's 'Festival of the World'
Review: Superhuman at the Wellcome Trust
Review: Tales From The Other Side by Christopher Ejsmond
Review: the British Paraorchestra
Review: The Festival of the World Museum at the Southbank Centre
Review: The Gershwins’ Porgy And Bess by Cape Town Opera
Review: The Hunterian Museum present Anatomize
Review: The International Symposium and Hippocrates Awards for Poetry and Medicine
Review: The Lowry present Arabian Nights
Review: The Lowry present The Makropulos Case: An opera in three acts
Review: The Place present Fresh 2012
Review: The Robin Hood Book: 131 Poets in Support of a Robin Hood Tax
Review: The Shaking Woman by Siri Hustvedt
Review: The World Press Photo Awards 2012 at the Royal Festival Hall
Review: Together 2012 Festival Launched

Review: Together 2012: 

Open Poetry Workshop with CoolTan Arts
Review: Together 2012: End Of Festival Party
Review: TransAction Theatre present dIRTy
Review: Unlimited - DaSH's M21 Live Art Festival
Review: Unlimited - David Toole's 'The Impending Storm'
Review: Unlimited - Ramesh Meyyappan presents Snails & Ketchup
Review: Unlimited Global Alchemy: Rachel Gadsden and the Bambanini
Review: Unlimited: an evening of film in the Southbank Centre
Review: Unlimited: Bee Detective by Tin Bath Theatre
Review: Unlimited: Chris Tally Evans' Turning Points
Review: Unlimited: Chris Tally-Evans presents 'Turning Points'
Review: Unlimited: Claire Cunningham presents Ménage à Trois
Review: Unlimited: In Water I’m Weightless, at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
Review: Unlimited: Janice Parker presents Private Dancer
Review: Unlimited: Jez Colborne's Irresistible - Call of the Sirens can be heard whatever the weather
Review: Unlimited: Laurence Clark presents 'Inspired'
Review: Unlimited: Mark Brew Company’s 'Fusional Fragments'
Review: Unlimited: Maurice Orr's 'The Screaming Silence of the Wind'
Review: Unlimited: Rachel Gadsden's Unlimited Global Alchemy
Review: Unlimited: Ramesh Mayyappan presents 'Skewered Snails'
Review: Unlimited: Simon Allen's 'Resonance At The Still Point Of Change'
Review: Unlimited: Sinéad O'Donnell's 'CAUTION'
Review: Unlimited: Sue Austin creating 'Creating the Spectacle!' at the Fleet, Dorset
Review: Unlimited: The Garden
Review: Unlimited: The Lawnmowers present 'Boomba Down the Tyne'
Review: William Blake Largactyl Shuffle
Review: Yoko Ono 'To The Light'
Review: Youth Dance England’s 'U Dance 2012'
Ridiculusmus: Give Me Your Love
Rita Simons - My daughter, deafness and me (BBC1)
Rite of Passage: a gravedigger's memoir by Peter Street
Robert Softley presents If These Spasms Could Speak
Robert Wyatt: Free Will and Testament
Roger Waters at 02
Rubix and Elephant - spoken word
Russell Jones: Unleashed
Ryan Gander: Is this guilt in you too? (Cinema Verso)
Ryan Knighton: Cockeyed
Sally Booth lightboxes
SenseAbility: Peter White on inclusion in the arts
Shadows Waltz Haltingly by Alan Morrison
Shape Artist's Network talk by Aaron McPeake on receiving the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary
Shape Gallery Westfield
Shape Gallery: Ilham Exhibition
Shape Gallery: Shortlist 6
Shape In The City’s Pop-Up Gallery
Shape Open 2014: Too Wonderful to be [in]Visible
Shape Open 2016
Shape: Shortlist 7 Exhibition
Short Circuit: Digital Arts Project at the Lighthouse
Short Circuit: When Disability And Digital Collide
SICK! Festival presents Bobby Baker's Mad Gyms and Kitchens
SICK! Festival presents Jochem Stavenuiter's Eleonora
SICK! Festival presents Sick Notes an online archive
SICK! Festival presents the vacuum cleaner's acclaimed show Mental
SICK! Festival presents Under Observation
SICK! Festival: Brian Lobel: Sex, Cancer & Cocktails
SICK! Festival: Eric Steel: The Bridge
SICK! Festival: Sue MacLaine: Can I Start Again Please?
SICK! Lab: Bryony Kimmings: Fake It ’Til You Make It
Side by Side Exhibition at the Southbank Centre
Sign Dance Collective showreel
Sign Dance Collective: But Beautiful
Signdance Collective International get all shook up with Bad Elvis
Signdance Collective International present Carthage
Signdance Collective International, Bad Elvis with Iris Theatre
SignDance Collective perform 'New Gold' and 'Half a Penny'
Signdance Collective: Three Films + One
Signs for Sounds: Contemporary Letterforming and Calligraphy
Simon Mckeown: Motion Disabled
Sky One: The Smoke
Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan at the Wellcome Collection, London
Spare Tyre launch Picture Me as part of an International Women's Day celebration
Spare Tyre Theatre present 'Scratches'
Spill Festival 2015 - the fiery spirit of marginalisation
SprungDigi Festival
Staff Benda Bilili at Brighton Dome
Static by Graeae Theatre Company
Stopgap Dance Company tours Artificial Things
Storylines: Mapping the past - a Carousel project
Stratford Circus, Face Front Theatre & Ramira Arts Collective: No Barriers with Barriers
Taking Flight Theatre Company present Real Human Being
Tanvi Bush ‘Witch Girl’
Tate Britain Audio-Described Tour: Femme Fatale
The 5th decibel Performing Arts Showcase
The Adventures of Sancho Panza by Hijinx Theatre as part of the Unity Festival
The Almond and the Seahorse by Kaite O’Reilly
The Anatomy of Melancholy produced by Ovalhouse and Stan's Cafe
The Angina Monologue by Doug Devaney
The Art of Bedlam: Richard Dadd
The Art of Bounce: Disability Arts Festival in Belfast
The Dandifest Fete, Norwich
The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble present People of the Eye
The Disabled Avant-Garde Today!
The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland by Ridiculusmus
The Everyman & Playhouse Theatres in Liverpool present A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
The Fingersmiths: In Praise of Fallen Women
The Fish Police
The Great Wall of Vagina by Jamie McCartney
The Greatness of ‘Great Britain’ at the Theatre Royal Haymarket
The Hold, from Lung Ha’s Theatre Company, in collaboration with National Museums Scotland
The House of Vernacular
The Madness of George III
The Magic Hour at DadaFest09, Liverpool
The Man Who Lived Twice by Birds of Paradise
The Norwich Dandies present Dandifest!
The Optimism Bias - a talk at the Southbank Centre by author Tali Sharot
The Portrait Anatomised at the National Portrait Gallery
The Silence
The Spark: Creative Future Literary Award Winners
The Studio Project: Intoart
The Times Cheltenham Science Festival
The Ugly Girl: A Musical Tragedy in Burlesque by Terry Galloway
The View From Here
Theatre Re: 'Blind Man’s Song' recalls a lost magic
Theatre Resource: The Conquest of the South Pole
Theatres of Learning Disability: Good, bad or plain ugly
Thompson Hall: 'Home Away from Home'
Together 2013
Together! Not So Private View: Colin Hambrook and Bruchinaarts
Tommy McHugh: The Universe Explodes
Touretteshero goes Backstage to Biscuitland
UK Disability History Month 2014: War And Impairment
UK Disability History Month 2015 Conference at the BFI
Unlimited 2014 Katherine Araniello, The Dinner Party Revisited
Unlimited 2014 Opening event: Does It Matter? World War I Shorts
Unlimited 2014: A Celebration of Integrated Community Dance
Unlimited 2014: Bekki Perriman: The Doorways Project
Unlimited 2014: Birds of Paradise and Random Accomplice: Wendy Hoose
Unlimited 2014: Caroline Bowditch: Falling in Love with Frida
Unlimited 2014: Claire Cunningham: Guide Gods
Unlimited 2014: Drake Music: Seasons 4.0
Unlimited 2014: Jo Bannon: Exposure
Unlimited 2014: Juan delGado: The Flickering Darkness (Revisited)
Unlimited 2014: Julie McNamara: Let Me Stay
Unlimited 2014: Lea Cummings: ‘Cosmic fields of endless possibilities’
Unlimited 2014: Michelle Ryan & Torque: Intimacy
Unlimited 2014: Perceptions of Difference: DAO & Survivors' Poetry
Unlimited 2014: Robert Softley Gale: If These Spasms Could Speak
Unlimited 2014: Stopgap Dance Company: The Awakening
Unlimited 2014: the vacuum cleaner: Madlove
Unlimited 2014: The Vacuum Cleaner’s Madlove Asylum Workshop
Unlimited 2014: Touretteshero and Captain Hotknives
Unlimited 2014: Touretteshero: Backstage in Biscuit Land
Unlimited 2014: Unleashed
Unlimited Review: Fittings - The Ugly Spirit at Square Chapel, Halifax
Unlimited: Jack Dean's Grandad and the Machine
Unlimited: Kaite O'Reilly: Cosy
Unlimited: Liz Carr: Assisted Suicide The Musical
Unlimited: Review: Macropolis at Belfast City Hall Big Screen
Unsilenced Voices: Romani Voices
Vici Wreford-Sinnott: The Art Of Not Getting Lost
Vital Xposure presents Julie McNamara’s Let Me Stay
Vital Xposure presents Julie McNamara’s Let Me Stay as part of the Anxiety Festival
Vital Xposure presents The Knitting Circle
Vital Xposure presents The Knitting Circle
Vital Xposure: The Disappearance of Dorothy Lawrence
Vital Xposure: The Disappearance of Dorothy Lawrence
We Won’t Drop The Baby
Wendy Hoose, from Birds of Paradise/ Random Accomplice Theatre Companies
Wild Things: Sounds of the Disabled Underground Vol 2
Wings are Giving Out by Sean Burn
World Mental Health Poetry: Outside-In/ Dao at Pallant House Gallery
WOW festival presents Claire Cunningham's Ménage à Trois
X’08 London's 8th International Disability Film Festival
Xposure 2004: London Festival of Deaf and Disability Arts
Yinka Shonibare: Adam Reynolds bursary
Yinka Shonibare: Turner Prize (2004)
You're Not Alone by Kim Noble
Young DaDaFest
Zendeh presents Cinema