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> > > Edinburgh Festival: Marc Brew, 'For Now, I am..'

An intimate solo created and performed by Marc Brew, 'For Now, I am..' has been brought to the Edinburgh Fringe by Stopgapā€™s iF Platform. Review by Colin Hambrook

For Now, I am.. is one of many pieces of personal storytelling, told through performance, in the festival. Entering the auditorium there was a physical gasp in response to Jamie Wardrop’s live video projection; a spectacle of light and sound filling the stage floor.

Covered by a huge white silk sheet the audience is introduced to a world akin to waking from a dream, as cloud shapes drift, turning into 24 squares, lined as if made of electricity. 

At moments the abstract linear patterning seemingly references Bridget Riley’s ‘Stripe paintings’ - as the audience becomes aware of a figure lying beneath the sheet, drawn by a clear vertical rectangle at right angles to a watery, vibrating sea of blue and white.

There is a sci-fi, filmic quality to the performance installation, which the programme notes tell us is intended to re-create the clinical setting Marc woke up in, after a horrific car crash in which three of his friends were killed. 

Marc’s flawless, virtuoso dance skills come into play as he rolls with the tide, drawing the sheet around his skeletal features. Slight movements of the fingers, hands, arms, torso and head are redolent with intention. Present as a body from the waist up, Brew’s determination and crystalline, fluid movements, at turns Christ-like and foetal, respond to the sound of a bell, inviting him to slowly awaken.

The piece builds to a mesmerising crescendo from which, finally his complete, fragile frame is hauled from the watery depths to be suspended in an act of rebirth. Absolutely breathtaking.

Marc Brew's 'For Now, I Am..' is on show at Zoo Southside, Edinburgh until 30th August. Please click here for more details