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Katherine Araniello is a performance/video artist and creator of SBC (Sick Bitch Crip). This blog includes her films, digital images and SBC’s latest musings. The concept behind her work is to disrupt and use satire in current issues relating to disability such as assisted suicide, media representation, prejudice, charity, ignorance and body aesthetics.

Not Bitter... just Twisted!

6 February 2013


photo of lower half of a female face with a lozenge with the words 'kill pill' located between the teeth

SickBitchCrips are delighted to announce that they were shortlisted for Diversity 13[1] which is a commission to explore diversity in 2013 and to put on a performance for 15 nights at Ovalhouse, London. Today the SickBitchCrips are delighted to accept rejection having failed to be offered the commission. It was felt that they wouldn't be able to sustain a three-week audience. SickBitchCrips are convinced it would have been a piece of cake, putting posteriors on seats. They accept that their...

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Happy New Year from ILF (Independent Living Friend)

2 January 2013


image of a letter

To kick off the New Year SickBitchCrips received a wonderful generically personalised Happy New Year message from their close friends the ILF (Independent Living Friend), as seen in the image. SickBitchCrips are excited about the future and are rapidly making plans to find ingenious ways of maintaining their independent living budget to continually pay for their 24-hour servant needs. As with all of us, they are severely concerned that their funding will shrink – and under such tragic...

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SickBitchCrips present their Facebook page and new years message.

28 December 2012


SickBitchCrips are ecstatic at the launch of their long awaited Facebook page SickBitchCrips Facebook page archives all their digital images and videos, so now there is no excuse not to have seen their erudite work. For the ultimate Christmas gift, treat yourself to a viewing of the SickBitchCrip Facebook page, full of fantastic videos and digital images. Strongly recommended for those who are sick of the cliched world of disability and want to elevate to a new and refreshing level....

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SickBitchCrips Christmas Special and introducing Miss Scoliosis

30 November 2012


SickBitchCrips are anxious and concerned about rumours of a new Crip on the block.  Her name is Miss Scoliosis! SickBitchCrips have become accustomed to hogging the limelight and whispers have left them feeling utterly dismayed.  They are hoping that Miss Scoliosis embraces the medical model, only making an appearance when Charity has raised enough funds to buy Miss Scoliosis a specially adapted wheelchair that she can drive off Beachy Head; or maybe a holiday for the handicapped in...

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2 November 2012


image of an egg box with a series of eggs with the artists face on them

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of SBC I am going to gently introduce you to us. SickBitchCrips is an arts organisation made up of the most severely afflicted, contagious and diseased artists who have multiple disorders i.e. myself and any other specimens who feel they meet this hierarchal criteria. Extreme physical movement is forbidden and SickBitchCrips has no time for anatomically perfect people. We have been heavily involved in producing posters of late that are in par with...

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Closing Down Ceremony

14 October 2012


Having been inspired by the Paralympics paraphernalia of London 2012 as an audience participant in the Opening Ceremony and watching the Closing Ceremony on TV.  Subjected to relentless coverage of inspirational stories and super humans doing amazing things, we were all suffering from the Paralympics one way or another.  I certainly was inspired by the tremendous atmosphere of the Olympic village and the 'hype the public'  tactics to increase viewing figures. So when I was...

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