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Katherine Araniello is a performance/video artist and creator of SBC (Sick Bitch Crip). This blog includes her films, digital images and SBC’s latest musings. The concept behind her work is to disrupt and use satire in current issues relating to disability such as assisted suicide, media representation, prejudice, charity, ignorance and body aesthetics.


8 April 2014


Two Chihuahuas bathing in the sun under a palm tree

Much has occurred since my last insertion – I was the VIP guest on the Disability Now, royal podcast and I took great delight in airing my grubby haute couture on the government’s decision to remove the Independent Living Fund in 2015. I don’t really care because I’m a bona fide fake – if I wanted to skip jump run and defecate unaided I would – but I choose not to – it’s great fun having minions performing mundane tasks for one such as charring...

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