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SickBitchCrips - Doing Fuck All, Because We Can / 29 January 2016

2016 is here and the diseased continue living and the deceased continue dying. Hand transplant is fresh and SickBitchCrips are queuing up, desperate to be rid of their limp fingers. Salad Fingers is a non-contender.

IS (Income Support) continue to kill the lame and weak, and there is widespread fear of mutating cells, causing further illness and debilitation. We are offering grooming services to all who are vulnerable and in need of change.

Killer flies are on the rampage, targeting unborn babies and increasing the disability population. Extraordinary pinhead babies are on the increase and us SickBitchCrips are keen to foster those unwanted bundles of joy.

SickBitchCrips continue to triumph over adversity and we are excited about controlling our computer with a dot on our lips. The hands free computer is a gift from the clouds and to reciprocate such wonderful technological supremacy we will be donating our hands to those who lost theirs in the name of sepsis, meningitis and other unfortunate mishaps. Depriving your body parts of oxygen does have severe consequences, but SickBitchCrips are here to save the world, we never used our hands anyway, so why not let others benefit from them.

SickBitchCrips are proud to announce that they have produced relentlessly over the years and are finally in a position to expose themselves.

From suicide to heroism, mindfulness, awkwardness, tragedy, dance and vlogging – the showreel spews it all over you. Before you turn us on, have plenty of tissues to hand, enjoy the rollercoaster ride and hold on tight, if you can.

Click on the link below to see my showreel.