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The Essential Guide to Video Blogging by Katherine Araniello / 30 July 2015

I am currently working on a series of video blogs that will run indefinitely. The attraction of these DIY blogs is that they are simple.

There are lots of tips and tricks that could make your life more fulfilled and one of mine is I film using my mobile phone which is portable/compact/anorexic and easy to handle. Turn on the video stabilisation and it couldn’t be easier. Another useful tip is always remember to not cover up the camera lens whilst shooting as it will be very devastating if you have just spent 10 minutes chitchatting about your latest escapades. When working in torrential downpours, it’s a good idea to remember to carry a handy little parapluie as this will prevent you and mobile getting wrecked.  I personally choose FHD 1920 x 1080 because this allows clarity and gives a sense of purpose. 

Always film holding the mobile device bent on its side because your objective is to have a wise angle effect, as you don’t want your footage half empty.  An excellent example is my blogs and you will see the point I’m making, i.e. there are no black columns either side.

Once you have figured out the settings, how to export, import etc. it really is a simple process that any baby will find easy to master in a matter of seconds.

Video blogging is a means of communication and an online diary of your activities to be able to reflect on in many years to come. It is the legacy that you dream about and must do otherwise by the time you are a corpse no one will have ever heard of you.

Vlogging is a source of inspiration that can be shared globally; it is a breath of fresh air that will bring delight to your loved ones, friends, family, strangers and haters. People will admire your wonderful talents and be moved by your blogs. It is a one-sided form of communication in which your followers/trolls can relax, respect, drool and watch over you, the epitome of elegance and taste.

My video blogs will fill the empty hole in your life, where that gaping gap needs something to stuff it with. See them as the friends you don’t have, therapy you so desperately need, use them for relaxation and be prepared to drift into a catatonic daze. Intimacy and loneliness are emotionally draining and whether you are single, in a failed relationship or the happiest person in the universe my video blogs are here to serve as a tonic, a barbiturate, an insight and a purpose.

Spread the word, spread the mundane, and spread the joy. It is with eager trepidation that I know my blogs will inspire, encourage, and change people’s lives for the better.