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SBC (SickBitchCrips) Interview with Katherine Araniello / 12 February 2014

Araniello: Your latest music video is called ‘Lazy Baby’, can you tell us a bit about it, and the inspiration behind it?

SBC: The song is about our terminal condition and the tragic monotonous life we have to suffer on a daily basis. We are very ‘different’ and bearing the burden of being genetic defects takes a lot out of us.

Araniello: Are you looking for sympathy?                                   

SBC: Yes.

Araniello: The lyrics come across as perhaps a tad sickening.

SBC:  We were diagnosed with a crippling and life threatening neuromuscular disease but we never grumble, we persevere with our dismal and sorrowful existence.

Araniello: It must be a terrible fate to be poorly delicate little petals.

SBC: Each day is ten times worse than the last.

Araniello: What are your aspirations?

SBC: We aspire to be average Gemmimas and cross the tracks without a palaver.

Araniello: If you were in the doghouse what would you do?

SBC: Lots of charity gigs.

Araniello: How do you think the public see you?

SBC:  Green vegetables. Cabbage, Broccoli, Runner Beans, that sort of thing.

Araniello: What phrase best sums up SBC?

SBC: Healers of the World.

Araniello: What is your life expectancy?

SBC: Poor.

Araniello: Would you describe it as fatal?

SBC: Imminent.