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be encouraged by the SickBitchCrips / 23 January 2014

SBC (SickBitchCrips) are excited to unveil their new freehand sketch ‘Red’ which injects January and the next 11 months with a much needed morale kick up the arse.

The blood thirsty tiny canine and the damaged arms and legs just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.  It is exciting when relationships collapse and the consequences of a little tiff can hopefully result in plenty of foul playfulness. The killer shark instinct is in all of us and SBC will always be on the side of the genetically challenged.

‘Female Masking’ aroused SBC and they are forever desirous of entering a subservient latex dolly and manoeuvring their way around.  They are delighted to be liberated by short blond hair, open eager red lips, mascara laden eyelids and inflated glossy massive knockers with permanently aroused buds.   SBC relish the opportunity of being transformed into objects of desire and enjoy the attention so lovingly showered on them as they prance up and down in their haute couture rubber suits.

SBC on a much needed fag break during the first ever Female Masking Convention in the UK, sexily paraded along the Eastbourne Promenade much to the repugnance of the local, bariatrics, geriatrics and general benefit street scumbags.  They jeered and twerked and hunted down the traumatised locals until the early hours of the morning with undiminished feral appetite.