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‘The Artist Interview’ a review by Sick Bitch Crips / 25 November 2013

Katherine Araniello was invited and paid £25,000 to make a live art intervention for Together 2013.  She was given a brief: “do whatever you want”, so she went straight to Soho House for inspiration and champagne.

Several weeks later after rehab, she decided that the only person she’s really interested in is herself. So the art would be about her and she would interview herself live on screen.  This amazing solution of mixing video and live performance was so original and us Sick Bitch Crips are truly in awe of our wonderful creator.

She spent weeks rehearsing for the perfect answers to the perfect art questions and we couldn’t have answered them better ourselves.

Her dynamic voice with her clear cut responses and enthusiasm for her own practice was undeniably clear and precise.

We are disappointed however that there was no apparent humour in Araniello’s work and we were confused by the naked girl swinging on a wrecking ball in her studio.  We didn’t understand her Candy Crush reference or its relationship with art.  Advocating euthanasia is something that us Sick Bitch Crips have always been proud of and we are appreciative that Araniello continues to spread the message that we all want to die as a result of our debilitating conditions and incapacity to function like normal people. 

We were ecstatic that Araniello plugged herself repeatedly and our idol was simultaneously live and on screen. We were on the edge of our seats bombarded with a cacophony of surprises and visual spectacle.

We are desperate to see this work again and are delighted to announce that ‘The Artist Interview’ will be happening again

at The Old Town Hall, 29 The Broadway, Stratford, London E15 4BQ

Thursday 19 December 6.30-9pm: (End of festival party)