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‘A Fistful of Froth’ (coming soon) / 2 May 2013

Plot Summary

In 1858 a lone SickBitchCrip has lost herself in the barren terrain of the Wild West. She has no friends and no idea how she ended up in this hostile unforgiving environment.

Survival is only guaranteed by the merciless killing of others. SickBitchCrip must keep her wits about her at all costs, dodging bullets from her buddies, total unadulterated scum who are almost as crooked and bent as she is.

The wily mean SickBitchCrip is totally ruthless and frothing with venom intent on vengeance. But time is ticking – she is wanted, dead or alive – the reward is high and the townsfolk are thirsty for her blood.

Awards Ceremony
SickBitchCrips are living the dream because their ruthless unashamed acts of bribing and blackmailing have paid off.   They are number 116 on The DNS (Disability News Service)[1] inspirational list  that names and shames the most influential disabled people in Britain today.  

Social Networking

SickBitchCrip exclusive facebook page [2] has reached a staggering 79 Likes and they are bracing themselves for their massive centenary celebrations. They promise their latest top secret film will be unleashed as soon as they reach one hundred likes or as soon as it is finished if this is an unrealistic or too optimistic goal.

On a lighter note
A BBC News team were helicoptered in to Ms Araniello’s Chihuahua pad to probe and interrogate her on her refusal to permit doctors to drug and murder her.  Dippy and Crippy, her devoted bitches ran circles round the paparazzi, praying that one day Paul Lamb will see the light. [3] 

Ms Araniello’s positive outlook on life was broadcast on prime time BBC news and SickBitchCrips are proud of their creator for speaking so eloquently and delicately; albeit one blink and you will have missed the entire mutilate the vegetable scene. 

Ms Araniello is heartbroken that the Cook-Along-With-Wheelchair-K, cabbage sketch was axed as she felt this would have contributed deeply towards a delightful discussion around: ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ [4] whilst simultaneously providing an excellent sing along and an appropriate metaphor.

The new face of Tate
Liberate Tate [5] headhunted Ms Araniello and invited her to perform at Tate Modern – a performance that exposes the BP trial happening in New Orleans on the third anniversary of the BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. [6] [7]

SickBitchCrips applaud the Liberate Tate organisers and are in negotiation on their next intervention which is top secret but may involve an oil spillage of their own. They guarantee that their leakage will not be a contender for the catastrophic damage BP has caused.  SickBitchCrips are desperate for sponsorship – but so far have held back on BP funding as they feel it would be unfair to accept dirty oil money for their self-indulgent art practice and selfishly thieve from Tate modern BP sponsorship deals.