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> > > Gary Thomas: Hidden at DAiSY Fest

DAiSY Fest at GLIve on 4th June showcased Gary Thomas’s one man play: Hidden starring Nathan Thompson. Taking his audience on a journey through some of the darkest thoughts we can share about ourselves: following a police stop and search, the principle character Sam’s delusions take over to the point that he becomes a person he no longer recognizes. Review by Deborah Caulfield

photo of actor Nathan Thompson from a  side profile. He leans over with a distressed expression - a blurry image of a woman behind and to the right of him

Nathan Thompson is a tour de force as Sam, in Gary Thomas' play Hidden. Photo (c)

For the entire thirty minutes of the monologue Hidden, I was transfixed, rooted to the spot in a state of otherness; connected to some god-awful truth about life and what people do to us when, for fuck sake, we’re trying to do not much more than survive, make something of what little we’ve been given, by way of a life, I mean.

Based on the playwright's real-life experience, I believed Nathan Thompson's performance as Sam. I couldn’t not.

Reality kicks in immediately, from the actor's entrance. Never mind that the stage is bare, except for a couple of old chairs. The place is crawling with thugs: cops, robbers, psycho-babblers. Are they real?

I don’t believe in madness, not the kind that justifies putting people behind bars, banging them up inside their own grey-walled heads.

Poor guy: Sam wants to take responsibility for his state of mind but things keep happening to him that he didn’t ask for and can’t control.

Kicked, cuffed, questioned, arrested. For what, exactly?

Pain as punishment for being in pain. Call this justice? Of course not.

Who cares? He does. About himself. Which is why he’ll live. And why Gary Thomas will make good art again and again.

Go see this whenever you can. 

For more information about playwright and film-maker Gary Thomas, please click on this link to visit his website