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Lee and Moody...two greats gone! / 15 June 2015

portrait photo of Christopher Lee

Lee at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival. Image licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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Just to record my feelings and memories of Christopher Lee and Ron Moody who lived to great ages and both died last week.  I think they reached everyone with their charisma and performances!  One sucked blood which could represent the present government and the austerity measures and the other resorted to picking pockets!!!

Christopher Lee’s Dead!

If I had a Hammer Horror
I’d nail it to the door
Where’er He
Christopher Lee
Has gone
Our Lord and Master
Of blood and gore
And tongue in cheek
Black caped mesmeriser
Watching a double bill
Kids on the sofa
Scared, not scared
Tempting worlds
Of heaving breasts
Stakes in chests
Screeching bats
Flapping outside windows
Of screaming beauties
Dirt filled coffins in faraway Castles
That were really studios Herts
(How appropriate)
Carriages burning through
Burnham Beeches
We believed it wasTransylvania
Klausenberg before sunrise!

Ron's Gone

I'm Moody now Ron's gone
Top of the Uriah Heeps
And Fagin great!!!