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Moths will always dance round a flame.... / 14 April 2015

Candle Styx

So it goes moths gather round a flame
So the mollycoddled will get theirs fanned
So sure are the popular of their fame
So sure their bullshit will go untamed
So sure the covert stirrer will not be exposed
So assured worshipful oohs and ahhs

Now you know the tricks
That duped your younger self
Gullibility and ignorance helped you on
To places where you survived
But one day woke to realise
You were just a joke, accessorising their egos
Exorcist of their remorse

When the real needy are ignored
Left to build up bricks for a sufficient barrier
To keep out any love that the moths
Now flutter at you in faint wafts that do not touch the edge
While you burn