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Disabling Creativity! / 8 February 2015

Appalled at the bastardisation of London Town I weep for Soho.....and the brave squatters of the 12 Bar club.....

Soho Knights

Soho’s for Bohos n Bros
Who pose
Yeah n  Prose
Fishnet hosiery n clo’hes
Provocateurs who chose
Not so white bright lights
To be Queens and Knights
Of the red n cosy n low  n  seedy

Not greedy
For women needy
Come in, number 1
Greek Street, Soho’s historic shelter
St Barnabus to welcome us
Now it's a members club
Soho speaks to us:
Blakies have trod me, fashion Gods have loved me
And did William's feet walk these hallowed streets

STOP  the topiary of Soho
Spurious Agents of Assurity
Purveyors of purity
Whealer dealers
Kneeling to ‘heels’ with money
Mending what’s not broken
Knocking down
Our Town
Slow it, oppose it
Fight it, recite it

SOHO’s for Bohos, bros n prose!