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Happy New Year and Thanks Be to DAO! / 5 January 2015

Grrrrr... started this blog, blow, blah to shake of the X-mass noo year blues that have dwindled into 2015 hence a wake up call to say **** 'em all I'm getting my act together!!  And then there's an electrical surge!!

Gathering my negative thoughts and turning them to positives is helped by DAO being there, right here right now, for me, we, us, the bloggers, to rant our asses off!!

Wanting to share my insecurity at not receiving X cards but feeling a hypocrite as I was away for a week in December leading to panic because I couldn't get cards off and getting myself in a right old TIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ because I didn't want to be left out, I bought and sent cards and stamps on my holiday to make sure I wouldn't upset my 'greeting card' relationships (why the hell we bother just saying how are you once a year I wonder??) so that I am safe in the knowledge that all is well for then next charade that is Christmas!

So, thanks to DAO for letting me vent me spleen!  I'll just upload my poem dedicated to consumer gurus who play with our minds when they need to sell us something then tell us we're weak,  fat, insecure, Godless neurotics!

And enjoy a brilliant song by Ultravox 'Sleepwalk' to wake us up!  (or should we make a song 'they try to tell us we're too fat...........)

Let Them Eat Cack!


To the fakery

The Bakery of Commercialism

Concocted by Bernays and his ilk in our psyche

Consumerism gurus feeding our minds

With what they need to sell

Corporate connivance creating corporeal expanded Coprophagists!!

(then they tell us we’re too fat to be treated!)