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It's those soul assassins the town planners again! Except it's 1969 / 29 September 2014

Wrecking Ball in City

Wrecking Ball Blitz. Image by Stefan Kühn (Own work) [GFDL (, CC BY-SA 3.0

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I Love This Dirty Town (too)

I found this plea
In the archives of the BBC
Margaret Drabble, Sean Kenny Arthur Doole
I love you
But weep knowing
They took no pity
The architects and town planners always win!
Wise words from Theo Goody
Highlights the wasted taxpayers' money
On skills are wasted for empty words
Paid for by the sweat and toil of ordinary workers
Joan Littlewood as usual
Fighting on the side of good
Money talks
Developers walk
All over our souls
Until we do them a favour
And become their natives
In a concrete jungle