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Hubble bubble it's no trouble..I love the thunder, lightning and rain! / 25 July 2014


Poeticising the electrical storm
Like watching a Hammer Horror
When people are safe under the sheets
Huddling a lover
Heavy bedding
I am turned on by  sheet lightning
Heavy weather
Frightening myself hoping for a strike
When some are being struck by fists
The Monster wakes
No 'rain rain go away come back another day' for me
I happily dance and pray for more
Rain, rain faster alley alley Aster'
Rhymes from wildchildhood
Was I a miserable child?
It could have been 'go go'
Wake me up before you allez allez!
Or I could have been a Nordic ice spirit
Ally Ally Aster
Conjuring terrible weather!
Where Nordic myths hung around
And now I call upon the words
To save me melting like a waxwork
Sweltering heat
Is not sweet
Thunder, lightning and rain
Turns me into Keats!

NB: It would be interesting to hear from people if they know the rhyme 'rain rain faster' or 'rain rain go away'...I remember them but it's only now I think 'where did they come from?'...I am very intrigued by the Nordic myth 'Ally Ally Aster' who conjured up a terrible winter.  Otherwise, it may just be 'alley alley' for the rain to run faster down the drain so more could fall?


Keywords: nordic myth,poetry