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Forrest Gumption / 22 July 2014

To the GP
I started to walk
Feeling free
I could not stop
Along the way
I met humanity
I admired big houses
I smelt the dried piss streets
As the pavement spread
Into the darkest of towns
Even in the sun
It was glum
Downtrodden people
Trying to live
Life's struggle not healed
With a few rays of sun
Just lighting up the gloom
I strode in hope
Wafting through the mire
Perchance to to tire
Perchance to dream
To sleep in this heat
I wore out my feet
I thought 'like the fella in the bible'
Journey's end to get needles stuck in me
By my fasting GP
So that I can rest in peace
But like a bolt of lightning
It struck me
This wasn't just a Forrest Gump moment
I was following my mother's footsteps
But hers were in snow
Waist deep
As her waters broke
As she told her baby
'hold on, hold on'
Four miles in a Northern Winter
She trudged past a particular road
That 20 years later
Would take this baby forever
If only she'd known
All the protection she gave couldn't save him
From a drunken driver one February morning.