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Wheelchair Dancer / 19 May 2014

I just want to express my joy when at a 1940s event on Saturday night, the DJ came from behind the decks in his wheelchair, took a lady by the hand and they bopped a real good jive.  

Turns didn't stop him as he spun like fury and didn't fail to catch her hand as they danced with perfect timing.  I am not sure how he did it but it was very impressive.  It showed real passion and determination for the music he loves.

Wheels of Fury

DJ of the be bop big band jive
From behind the Decks
He almost dived
Onto the dancefloor
For his favourite song
He and his lady he danced along
With perfect timing
He caught her hand
Syncopated rhythm
Inspiring his aim
Wheels of fury
Round they went
While other boppers had long since spent!