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Is there life on Mars? / 13 May 2014

Wolf-Rayet R136al

Most massive star Wolf-Rayet R136al. Image ESA/Hubble [CC BY C.C. 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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With all the furore about the future of housing, the depressing prospects for people trying to find a home, Camerloon laughing at Milipede's proposal for a three year tenant/ landlord agreement, I think it's a good time to pull out this poem that fantasises about getting the hell out of this world! 

It may seem influenced by God Bowie (with a bit of help from Patrick Hamilton's great book title 'Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky' but it could well be for real one day as scientists experiment further and deeper into space. 

As a kid, from our upstairs window, Emley Moor Mast had throbbing red lights and I imagined my saviour David would land there and beckon me in his cream egg suit to save me 'oh no love, you're not alone'. 

There's something about looking up at a night sky, lost in other worlds, and the glitter!  There was something about looking out to the pennines and seeing orange lights and think 'where's that, it must be better than this' until of course you grow up and realise nowhere's perfect but even now I am captivated by street lights in the black of night.  The twinkling and the glimmering of light has always fascinated me. 

There's something magical about looking up and seeing stars - an escape - even the words and names - Milky Way, Galaxies, Mars - though that my childhood fantasy of chocolate bars?  Wilko Johnson, the Dr Feelgood superstar, has a high-grade astronomical telescope which he looks out of his skylight in Canvey Island because he 'wants to see the rings around Saturn'. 

He has just opted for surgery on his pancreatic cancer as he has survived longer than expected (he was diagnosed in early 2013 and wanted to live out his life naturally.  Could his childlike nature, and looking into the cosmos be his therapy?  It is a beautiful experience, as long as your neck is positioned correctly - think Alexander technique and pull it out of the shoulders and flex gently back - as opposed to jerking the head into the back of the neck  as I used to!  Look up and see......


Of which we all are
S.T.A.R plural
I wink back
At the twinkling stars
Shining on me and
20,000 streets under a London sky
I’ll be nice to the stars
Who knows
I may want to live there one day
‘cause I’ll never get a house in Brent!
There’s a brainstorm
A Star
In the 7th house
Say Hi to Jupiter and Mars
Mmm bars
Build lots
In the Cosmos del Stellar
It’s a huge Milky Way
Why not have a retreat between meal deals
Don’t daydream it
Just cream it
Don’t tell the Galaxy
How many squares we can build on
Hard to soft – perfect!
Begin the race
To make our mark-et
Zoom!  Humans in space!
House trekking across the Universe

But watch for the ‘spin’….