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Kate're so so-o-o-o-old out!! Roll up folks - Kate's now selling from £799!!! / 28 March 2014

Many true fans are in tears because all the tickets for Kate Bush were bought up in 15 minutes of going on sale.  By 10am seats were being offered on Seatwave etc from £799.  I wonder if Kate would approve? 

I doubt it but there's no control.  Gone are the days of ticket touts outside venues, yes you get some, but it's far easier for some greedy sod to sit and press a button and make loads of money out of something so rare. 

Some of us truly want to see Kate Bush live but it will be the well off who will get to see her.  A friend said 'ebay's got a lot to answer for'...


Kate Bush wrote
The soundtrack to my life
From Wuthering Yorkshire
Was so co-o-o-o-old
I was the child of the man in his eyes
Army dreaming got my brother
I've worn the Red Shoes
I've run up that hill
I've rolled right down again
I've been in the trees
Seen it coming
I've still been caught
Running in the night
Afraid, always afraid
Of what might be
Of what could be
And now Wow Wow Wow Wow
Now unbelievable
I can't see you
It's too-oo-oo pricey!