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I'm sick of the British worker being berated as lazy! / 28 February 2014

It seems that that the latest whipping boy/ girl/ woman/ man is British Workers being called 'lazy'. Not turning up on time, not wanting to work was quoted by the latest pompous ass Jay Rayner on Question Time this week. How dare he - sat up there not lacking in food by the looks of him, with his radio programmes, tv appearances and now political commentator - insult us like this? 

The British working classes (and that insulting term 'underclass') are the scapegoats for the immigration row. Yes, there were at least three people on the panel who have benefitted by living in this country due to their ancestors' immigration and lucky them to be in the media and have comfortable lifestyles. 

All the British people, inclusive of all types of cultures (not sure if Rayner and his ilke include different skin colours in their scathing attacks, I'm guessing they're aiming at the last bastion of someone to be rude to, the white working class).

I know my relatives worked themselves into the ground, literally as some were miners and their working lives were decimated in the 84-85 strike and were treated like criminals for standing up to fight for their jobs and betrayed and duped at Orgeave where police beat and taunted them as if they were the scum of the earth.

I was fuming at the latest 'came 2nd in the Apprentice' idiot who ended up in Celebrity Big Brother who spouted on some stupid immigration row programme on Channel 5 that now hackneyed phrase 'British people are lazy'.  Well Miss 26 year old 'I make cup cakes' Zissman - grow up and learn a bit about British history and the people of this country who have worked and worked and still can't afford the trashy underwear you flaunt on some social media sites!

Welcome all to this great country but please stop these over exposed bloated egotists making such invidious comments because they have their fat asses sitting comfortably by way of privileged upbringings! I had to vent my spleen and here's a poem for all the strugglers, mugs and deserving.

(After Billy Childish exhibition of woodcuts and poetry in Harrow Road, W2. And dreaming I’m the girl with strange eyes on the northbound Bakerloo line)

I do a job I hate
When I should create
Because deep down inside
Like a love hate divide
There’s a chasm holding my fear
A working class adage
Toe the (bread) line
Follow the (bread) line
But don’t eat the bread
Save some for
A rainy day may come
And it has on the Harrow Road
Catching the 36 bus to
Make sure
There’s money enough
For when time gets tough
And they always will be
‘cause I do a job I hate
When I should create
And now I feel guilt
Reading self help books
No such word as should or but
Find other words like can or will
So I’ll say ‘I can’ ‘till
I’m blue in the face
While I compete in the rat race
And ‘I will’ ‘till the cows come home
And roam back into the field again – There Will Be Cud!
And I’ll still do a job I hate
It’s my fate and
In this world of go getting shafters
‘you mean you didn’t buy?’
I’m too late
Be young, gifted and affluent
But not if you went to the wrong school
In the wrong time
In the wrong place
Where they geared you up
To do a job you hate!