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I like to think of my poems as ‘misery with oomph’ taken from observations of life.  I use poetry as a way of expressing my personality. I perform at various poetry events in London and have had a few poems published here and there. I am working towards publishing a book… or maybe two. sign! It's that time again!

12 February 2015



Cross my arms
Over my chest
To say
I love you
In the US

I prefer Sign UK
Touch my heart
In the English way

Point my middle finger
To my heart and point to you
To say amo-te in Portugal

J’taime I give you my heart in French

Ich leibe dich crossed German
hands flutter from my heart


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Disabling Creativity!

8 February 2015


Appalled at the bastardisation of London Town I weep for Soho.....and the brave squatters of the 12 Bar club..... Soho Knights Soho’s for Bohos n Bros Who pose Yeah n  Prose Fishnet hosiery n clo’hes Provocateurs who chose Not so white bright lights To be Queens and Knights Of the red n cosy n low  n  seedy Not greedy For women needy Come in, number 1 Greek Street, Soho’s historic shelter St Barnabus to welcome us Now it's a members club Soho speaks to us:...

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