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I like to think of my poems as ‘misery with oomph’ taken from observations of life.  I use poetry as a way of expressing my personality. I perform at various poetry events in London and have had a few poems published here and there. I am working towards publishing a book… or maybe two.

Inside Holloway - Channel 5 30/10/14

31 October 2014


Usually I try not to watch harrowing programmes or films before bedtime (bit difficult at the moment due to Art of Gothic series on the BBC!) but I was compelled to watch 'Inside Holloway' on Channel 5 last night.  Part Two of a two part documentary, it made for a disturbing, depressing insight into the world of a women's prison. Ruth Ellis, the victim of a brutal, nasty, violent upper class man resorted to shooting him and in doing so was charged with...

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BULLIES should be named and shamed too! As Terrorists!

23 October 2014


Terrorism. 2. a person who terrorizes or frightens others. ( With all the exposure of child sex abuse I am wishing in an ideal world that our bullies should also be punished. They say 'move on', 'it's in the past', 'look to the future'.  Well along with sexual abusers, our bullies should be made to see the damage they've wreaked. In an ideal world we could go back as we are now and have the confidence, the power to fight back. I thought of...

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Lord Freud so coy(ed) now! The Guy who came in from the Gold!

15 October 2014


Photo of Lord Freud on stage addressing a conference

How apt, just read Colin Hambrook's excellent editorial and in response to his paragraph: 'I think madness is often a sane response to living in an insane society... etc' I find I concur most sincerely (folks). Now we hear, in the 21st century this 'Lord' making claiming disabled people are 'not worth' the minimum wage. Somehow his derogatory comments about people who at least are willing to 'do' something to make their lives more bearable is...

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