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Signs: Dystopia / 4 June 2016

Roll up Roll Up
Change your disabled babies here
Fucked it up the first time. Have another go.

But can I say
Can I ask
What happens to the old one?

We have the means
We have the method

You mean

Call it as you will
The less names
We say the better

But surely not
Death Camps

No. Not those
Not no longer
We can fix them
Put them right
Make them some how useful

But how
Hasn't all these things been tried before
And left them totally useless?

Yes. Sure. We know that.
But have you not heard of
the psychobiological model

You mean they can make themselves better
Leave them in a room with no heating
they exercise
Leave them with no food
They till the soil
Leave them without a chair
They'll get round to walking

But what if they don't
What if they can't
What if they won't?

Trust in the power of the mind
Trust in the regularity of the heart
The government does
We should listen to them
They know best

Did a typo today. Disability Arts In Lime. Curiously the phot used here reflects the error