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Speak Up Sooty - That's Representation / 2 October 2015

Posted this on my work facebook page the other day:

"I'm really looking forward to having some little monkeys visit at the end of next month. But something has got my goat today and its a pig of an advert in the Times for Debra in support of Butterfly Children, kids 'living with Epidermolysis Bullosa - a painful genetic skin blistering condition which makes... skin as fragile as a butterfly's wing. To find out more about butterfly children.....'

Should be used to it by now but, this does strike me as just another freak show use of negative imagery (disabled people as animals) and to think it was only yesterday that I was thinking I never seem to see these ads on the tube anymore. Please tell me its not just me who feels this way"

It reminded me of a coffee shop shock. You're ssitting there with friends enjoying an americano and bakewell tart on the isle of wight when you see that hidden demon Sooty supporting the RNIB. You stammer and wonder why he ain't supporting you.

Sooty I love your silence. It apes mine. And there you are representing blind people. If jealousy hadn't have got the better of me I'd be wondering why that infernal organisation used Sooty at all. Is it because he's mute, not speaking for rights, a top celebrity who doesn't go in for speaking slush about his great endeavours for charidee, someone who's satisfied to just have you put your hand up his arse for payment.

And then I think of Barclays bank and a poster I have saying buy a womble to show your support for disabled people. If memory serves it was a Scope thing. Disabled People want you to buy wombles. Its what we're into. It speaks to our constant infantilism. I forgot that. So, thanks Sooty for reminding me. You remain my top star ini the celeb firmament