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To interupt the series on Liminality..... / 25 February 2015

We the people who with the other we the people are the people who made it happen

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...... I went out last night with Suzanne Bull and Peter Hope and as i've already said on facebook

Its a simple comment but it blew me away.

We talk about isolation and loneliness and here are two people who i wouldn't normally thinks that applies to but Pete was talking to me about making friends with us all through our activism and finished by saying "and here we are twenty years on".

Blimey is it so long since we changed the world.

Another 20 and maybe we'll be gone but those ideas will live on and the changes we made will not be lost because as i've heard a lot of this year..... you can't defeat an idea.

Rock On Social Modellers, Independent Livers. We made it happen