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Flo Brooks - A Heavy Load; Participatory Review 3 / 23 February 2015

Old Thyme Black &White Within The Folk Revolt

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Tribute to Colin Hambrook. Who said this review looks more like a series of blogs rather than a review. he knows so much that man.

The original review with this photo was short, succinct and so very, very, wrong and it contained this nugget:

"I am fascinated by the look of the Muddy Lane String Band. Folk is white, folk is old, folk is cashmere jumpers and a finger in the ear. I wear my prejudices well. Black and white for this colour snap".

And I know
What i know
And what I know
Is wrong
So very wrong
But what i know is right
The right i know
Diffferent from the wrong
I know
Changed circa 62
A curl
A hat
A snarl
A stare
65 Electric
Drug Addled
Lyrical Consciousness
Black and white dream
Turns to polaroid colour
68 Camden Roundhouse
Zep bowed to Albion
Fairport Folk Rock
Revolt turning
Guitar pounding
Ch Ch Changes
Stop changing
Til later
Old thyme time
by Martin
et al
and on and on
Never ever
What you read
The old folk
The new folk
The one folk
The you
The we
The people