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A favourite some what cruel joke / 2 May 2013

I wouldn't normally tell jokes on my blog here but i wrote this one and its a favourite that's pulled out from appropriate time time to appropriate time - like only this morning someone was telling me what they had to eat last night which was very opportune as my reply quickly came:

Linda McCartney Pies. I'd have thought they'd have gone off by now

I am a proud vegetarian myself but i don't wallow in its promotion and i do believe in convenience so if you ever do invite me around for tea and don't know how to accommodate veggies yet (it used to be so problematic back in the day; one friend thoght i'd settle for a steak and to be honest to save embarrassment and humiliation i'd often accept (but that was way back when) a Linda McCartney Pie will do fine by me.

Now why am I sitting her on a DAO Blog considering joes about vegetables. I really do need to get out of this garden.

I guess its because i was riffing with a disabled friend on the theme of Margaret Thatcher and She Was Only A Grocer's Daughter but she couldn't give a fig. She was only a grocer's daughter i'm going for a pea. etc.

I guess I never got over puns and other language jokes.