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Stimulants / 17 March 2013

Going to see Dolly Sen and not seeing Dolly Sen put me through so much I stole her art work. Go to her website and steal some more but only use it on DAO.

Zoom in to this image and read text description

Today I’m going to see Dolly Sen’s film, a part of 'Wonder; Art and Science on the Brain'. I’m hoping to see friends there. I feel good but not all that good. I travel and write a travelogue of the present that takes me to the past en route to a future better than this, better than my changing mood.


Making it
not making it
in a mood travelogue
wet with rain
Always outside
of the inside
or on the inside
looking out
Car wipers grate
scratch like chalk
on the Board
Turn It Off
make CD Sound
Reel Life
John Barry
Vampyros Lesbos
Park Up
trudge On
tube closed
trudge back
wet socks
head streams
windows steam
CD ends
Radio 4
from local scene
Ally Pally
The Alexandra Palace
Train Lines
Parkland Walk
new knowledge
Drive On
Gyrate round
Highbury Corner
getting later
letting cars in
blocking them out
I almost
did Dolly Sen’s
voice over
Talked myself
out of being in
not of deep resonance
Practice deep talk
Consider control
of strong women
A controlling vocal
A do this stance
Remember timbre
of voice
that visited
saying masturbate
on town hall steps
disrespect authority
despise councillors
prophesy of action
Dead Rock Star
I took his word
I scrapped it
He never came again
Visual Hallucinations only
from good drugs
Hashish cut on opiates
I came here once
in sunshine
the drizzle changes
Arrows point the wrong way
I walk here
I walk back
Then walk here again
On ushers vocal instruction
I use lifts
I want to go down
I’m going up
Take me down
I’m going up
Down. I get down
But free admittance
To the unwaged
Its sold out
Dolly Sen as sold out
A good thing
Not a bad thing
Not a sell out
Take lift
To roof garden
One floor below the roof
Some doors are locked
Some are open
I find the locked ones.
Going down
I’m down
Some doors are locked
Some are open
Trust me to find the locked ones
Ally Pally
Alexander’s Palace
The People’s Palace
Talked of palms
50 degrees in Saudi
Palms in the roof garden
Not a roof garden
I sit
I write
I feel cold
Amongst the tropical
Colourful Birds
Colourful Fish
I love the still ones
I could have been a voice
The one that Dolly listened to
Someone’s voice
I am down
I could have had a part
Been a contender
Down on the waterfront
John Lee’s or Marlon’s
A coffee
Takes me up again

By the way, if you couldn’t tell I didn’t get to see the film but listened to cd’s and the radio