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A True Story for Georgina - Otherwise titled; 'Boring'. / 5 December 2012

Early September. Sun beats down and burns my arms. I sit in a public space with pigeons by a fountain. I'm not doing much. I'm reading a paper. Something she never wanted me to do. To pass the time its being read from cover to cover, back to front and front to back. I'm occupying myself - passing time.

An older woman with dyed red hair appraoches my bench. She sits away from me and eats an ice cream. Sheis the fourth co-occupant not to acknowledge me. Her anme is Maria. I know this because she is followed by Georgina, a 38 year old from Cyprus who is covered top to tail, head to toe in Black. Georgina and i talk. nice day, nice here. Small talk. we compare our ize and accents, talk about our birth places. nothing much is said. I can barely be bothered with the scenario. Idle gossip is not my kind of gossip. She asks me what I do.

I'm a writer. I prevciew, review, interview around the arts. Bu tmorethan this i have political ideas and sometimes express these too.

Geogina doesn't like politics. Its boring and in truth a lot of party political shananigans are filled with dread ennui but political ideas might exite me sometimes. Given this response to my interests I would like to go back to being quiet. Yet i yawningly return the compliment and ask georgy girl what she does.

She's a support worker. She takes people out of their houses into the community if they are isolated by loneliness or impairment. She likes to see a smile. I could go on now into a diatribe about how it came to pass that a world of Support Workers like Georgina came to lead more exciting lives through the actions that disabled people took and why the idea is, in fact, exciting but I am concerned that poor Georgie would find that boring. instead I tell her that i will write a story about her.

Maria leaves and Georgina follows, led dociley away by someone leading an independent life. I go tot  the library. It sells cheap coffee and is quiet. I pick up a post card. It shows a man and a woman holdingpapers and reads; 'Mary loved interacting with her favourite magazines. it certainly beat interacting with Harold'. Harold's magazines have art in their titles. Boring.


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