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Artist and Filmmaker Gary Thomas looks at the relationship between art and film, why it's sometimes uncomfortable, and how he deals with his own 'strands', (including disability), both personally and professionally. He'll also be writing about his own work as well as developing other projects, including films about the Olympics.

Mad Men?

24 August 2014


Don Draper at work, doing what he does best.

*includes spoilers to the series* I’ve just watched Season 6 of Mad Men, the American drama series which airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic. I’ve watched it on DVD, so I’ve seen the last five episodes one after the other with one sleep in between, waking up wanting to know what happens next. Mad Men, about the advertising agency biz in 1960’s New York, has been great to watch, but also left me wondering about characters, main characters specifically. I read an article online...

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Robin Williams & lots of talk about suicide.

12 August 2014


portrait of the American actor Robin Williams

In the wake of Robin Williams death, at the time I’m writing this there’s still no confirmation of how (do we really need to know?) but there’s a lot of talk about suicide. With this in mind, here’s a couple of scenes from my one man play, written last year, and based on personal experience I had some years ago. I feel distant from these feelings now, and am grateful for that, as its allowed me to write about it in this and my book. I will never forget that I’m one...

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