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Come And Support Our Time Travel Football Film! / 26 May 2014

Film Poster for the new film 'Extra Time' starring Charlie Ross and Louise Jameson

Film Poster for the new film 'Extra Time' starring Charlie Ross and Louise Jameson

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Show Me The Money!
So said Tom Cruise to Cuba Gooding Jr in that show me the money movie (oh I mean, Jerry Maguire).
So together with my producer we’ve launched our first crowd funding campaign and I have to say its been interesting. This for a film where we have former Dr. Who star Louise Jameson (The Tom Baker years) attached, and will be working with stunt men a long with an entire football team for the first time.
After making ten (or is it eleven?) films we’re going up the crowd funding route, and are asking people to donate anything they can towards the project. You get something out of it too, as there are a variety of perks from a digital copy of the film (once its finished, obviously) to a stand up gig and you could even be an extra in the film or get your name in the credits by becoming an executive producer.
All this for money. You can find out exactly how much by going to the crowd funding page

You can donate as little as £5 or less than that if you like, and so far its been an interesting experience. The money we’ve raised so far has mainly (but not all) come from people we know, and whilst asking for advice someone told me that you need at least a third of the funding before you start your campaign, (huh?) I wonder when I looked at all the successful campaign’s how they really raised their money, and what was it about their marketing that worked. We also opted on indiegogo instead of kickstarter because on indiegogo you can get the money that you've raised even if you don't reach your target (though the cost is a slightly higher percentage fee taken by indiegogo)
Also interesting is that within days we had four companies emailing us direct on indiegogo (and one on facebook as well!) telling us they could help us raise the money if we paid them.

We’re going for the Time Travel / Dr. Who fans, as well as the football fans, as our film ‘Extra Time’ focus’ on Spacey, who travels through time manipulating people so he can win bets and influence people. He singles out James Spring (writer / producer Mark Lever’s alter ego) and uses time travel to influence the score of a football match, not to mention prevent his future football career being ruined.

Louise Jameson will play the evil time traveller, (you have to have one!) who tries to out do Spacey at every turn, and its definitely very exciting to have her on board.

So I’ll keep you updated about our crowd funding campaign, and you don’t even have to sign up to indiegogo to donate. But if you do donante you could be involved in the film, and you’ll be the first to get the updates on how well we’re doing.

Our next update may well be myself and Mark giving a personal update on youtube, so keep an eye out for that, and I’ll do another blog soon about our fundraising efforts.

Check out and donate today!