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Priorities Shmiorities / 7 April 2013

A laptop by the bed with lots of paper around it, glasses, and a phone.

A laptop by the bed with lots of paper around it, glasses, and a phone.

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OK, so having been kind of stressed lately (although I say lately this isn’t unusual) today I tried to do some writing on an outline / treatment I haven’t looked at for a while. And as I was looking at it, I realised I couldn’t get my head round it without re-reading it. It wasn’t that long (about 6 pages so far) so that wasn’t the problem, but it became a problem because I couldn’t even re-read it. 

So I thought I’d do a blog that lists my work ‘priorities’ in no kind of order, and then, maybe next month let you know how I got on.

Firstly, the biggest, and the best kick up the priorities is that I found out at the very end of March that my arts council application for new writing has been successful. Yay!
Very exciting, but now the daunting prospect of writing 30,000 words and writing a one man show (monologue) based on that
floats its ugly head. I think ultimately I need to stop thinking too much about it and start planning it. I already have an outline for the lots of words after all. So which of my other priorities will be put back?
Well, I think, as someone suggested ages ago on twitter I still need maybe a ‘morning writing’ and an ‘afternoon writing’ job during the day, which may help overcome any anxiety / any impending illness from working on the same thing forever. So, these are the scripts / writings I’m working on (in no particular order): 

New entry: My Book & one man show (monologue)
I wonder how far I can get. TV Spec (re-write)
DEAD TV spec (re-write thankfully with another writer)
2 Weddings feature script (re-write, thankfully with another writer)
Treatment for new idea (1st treatment / outline)
Long forgotten but still interested: Short story

Other main things:
Rehearsals for one man show before the show on 26th April.
Publicising the one man show
Rehearsals for a new play written by a friend

My *ahem* paid work
Workshop film 1
Workshop film 2 (2 different films)
Subtitling workshop film 3
Overseeing edit of new short film ‘The Wrong Date’.

There’s also ‘miscellaneous’ stuff that I would like to be doing too:
Learning to use new camera properly (Canon 5D)
Promoting myself and my work (inc. Facebook, twitter,  my own website)
Day dreaming (part of the job)
Managing my well being (no idea where that went)

Things on the imminent horizon are:
Going to Salisbury Arts Symposium (woo hoo!)
Visiting a new project (which could lead to more work) this coming week.

So, what’s the best way of sorting all this out? I’ve no idea really, but I’m working through it, and looking at different ways of dealing with things all the time. Actually writing it down like this does kind of help, a little bit like the ‘brain dump’ I did a while back. This was basically where I literally wrote down all the things in my head. (very very brief descriptions of the things I’m working on or am worried about)
As time went on it was a nice feeling to actually cross them off either because I’d done those jobs OR because they weren’t relevant any more.

As for these most recent priorities, I’ll write another blog next month letting you know how I got on with these, and how far I’ve been able to get with them. You, dear reader, can give me a kick up the backside (preferably by the comments section, of course) if I haven’t done a blog by end of May or if I write a blog that just says ‘aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!’

Oh, and by the way, after listening to a friends song on facebook, I've just gone and got a good idea for a music video that I really want to write up...