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Booking special assistance / 1 September 2011

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I am at the station on the way to Gatwick Airport. I still have a headache six days after a random assault. (I was rugby tackled to the ground from behind, kicked in the face / head and three times in the ribs before I ran.)

I feel more fragile than normal, aside from everything else, and yet I was pondering over whether I'm entitled to special assistance when I get to the airport.

I wonder if many people with 'hidden disabilities' have this feeling. It's a feeling of... well, having to explain (read: justify) why I should be entitled to assistance today, when I may not need it on the way back.

It depends how far the gate is away from where I'll be when the flights called. It depends whether I'm able to eat anything. It depends that I'm ok with my new hearing aid and not losing my balance. And, it depends how bad my headache is. Not to mention how I'll be when I arrive at the airport in the first place.

I do maybe think too much on what others will think or say before I get there. As it happens when I was on Easyjets' website I couldn't figure out how to actually book special assistance, so I have no idea whether I have booked it or not, and am not sure I want to mention it when I get there. I also wonder if saying 'I'm likely to smack someone round the head if they get in my way' would actually help at all. I suspect it wont!

NB: Actually found staff very good, and helpful, so it was worth asking at the check in. Shame headache is still bad though...