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I don’t need step free access but…. / 2 September 2011

So my time at the Edinburgh Festival is almost at an end, I’m staying tonight and going back to Glasgow tomorrow. Two more shows, one late one 11.10pm start, for goodness sake! Though my friend is in it so I really want to see it.

Anyway, that aside, it’s been an interesting experience having been here only ever for the film festival. When the film festival was on in August I used to never have time to do anything else other than see films, as that’s what I wanted to do, but now I am here in August (the film festival is now in June) there are no excuses. Four shows yesterday and just as many today mean that I’ve had an exhausting time.

OK, I chose to walk (almost) everywhere, I did get a taxi (once) I also got the bus (once) baring in mind I’m just as crap on buses seeing as I nearly always get off at the wrong stop (I’m sure that’s a confidence thing) so I walked everywhere. I just happen by chance to choose venues that are mostly near each other, but when I had time to kill yesterday and was here all day (didn’t get in till after 11pm!) and then I had to wait for my friend to get home so I could let him in.

But it’s still a trek everywhere, and towards the middle of yesterday I had a blinding headache, and really didn’t feel I could walk very far… yet had to queue for everything. Whilst they were forming a queue for the last show of the day, I sat by the piano, and nearly said something about having to queue the whole time… but I didn’t, and so I got up, and guess what… I stood in the queue, feeling as though I was about to fall over at any moment. I’m about to queue again in a short while, though I am actually sitting in a comfy chair near the queue, so I’m at least going to wait here until the queue actually starts moving.

N.B Not that I looked for any disabled performers, but I didn’t see any at the festival this year.
Searching ‘disabled’ as a keyword on comes up with nothing. Interesting that… Not funny, but interesting…
NB again. A PDF
Lists 8 shows by disabled performers this year, and their website makes it clear the festival is committed to accessibility.