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Artist and Filmmaker Gary Thomas looks at the relationship between art and film, why it's sometimes uncomfortable, and how he deals with his own 'strands', (including disability), both personally and professionally. He'll also be writing about his own work as well as developing other projects, including films about the Olympics.

Come And Support Our Time Travel Football Film!

26 May 2014


Film Poster for the new film 'Extra Time' starring Charlie Ross and Louise Jameson

Show Me The Money! So said Tom Cruise to Cuba Gooding Jr in that show me the money movie (oh I mean, Jerry Maguire). So together with my producer we’ve launched our first crowd funding campaign and I have to say its been interesting. This for a film where we have former Dr. Who star Louise Jameson (The Tom Baker years) attached, and will be working with stunt men a long with an entire football team for the first time. After making ten (or is it eleven?) films we’re going up the...

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