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So it was. And here it is. / 2 February 2016

Still life with teapot and mugs

Still life with teapot & mugs. Biro and crayon on paper.

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Once in a while, every so often, I get the urge to draw. No use fighting it.

And so it was, that one day last October, l set the table.

Years before, I had set my students a similar drawing exercise consisting of mugs and a check tablecloth. Nothing like a grid for plotting one's place in the system. The scheme of things.

Artist is as artist does.

Years before, my art teacher had seen some talent in me (he later told me) and set a similar exercise. Six weeks, every Wednesday. How I learned to love drawing and start (just a start, mind) believing in myself.

Is this a good or bad drawing? Who knows? I like it. That's good enough for me.

Now and again, according to the prevailing wind or a passing whim, I get the urge to upload.

So it was. And here it is.