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Everything is alright, upright, not out of sight. / 21 August 2014

Woman, sitting. 2014. Digital composite image.

Woman, sitting. 2014. Digital composite image.

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A couple of months ago I started noticing that my back was hurting to the point of feeling I couldn’t sit or stand a moment longer. This was ugly, vile and monstrous pain you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Except Hitler, maybe.

So I took my body to see the GP and she sent me first for an Xray and blood test (in case TB had returned, but it hadn’t, thankfully) and then to the hospital, where I saw an orthopaedic chap, who said I was interesting and that it was fantastic that I could lift up my arms and bend sideways. A walking, talking miracle, no less ( I made up that last bit).

Now I’m waiting for an MRI scan. You get the picture?

Meanwhile, I take things easier(ish) and the pain is less/more manageable. Here’s how:

I lie down a lot. I eat lying down; I read lying down; I listen to the radio lying down; I watch TV lying down; I talk on the phone lying down; I Skype lying down. I type lying down (on the tablet).

I sit when I must, supported by cushions, pillows and alcohol. Feet up.


At me.
Here I am
Looking alright.         
Upright I am not.
Important I am not.
Enjoying my life, still.
Floating on cushions.
Patched by my hand.
Stitched in place.
In peace.

Here's how it happened:

  1. Watched BBC Four programme, King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons, presented by Michael Woods.
  2. Found an image of  Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians here.
  3. Layered this with photos of cushions and selfie.
  4. Cropped, erased and adjusted (colours and tones).
  5. Signed it.
  6. Framed it.
  7. Sent it by Bluetooth from tablet to PC.
  8. The rest is history.