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Making a picture on a cloudy day. / 27 June 2012

It's Tuesday and it's cloudy.

You know when you're tidying up your sock drawer, chucking out ones you haven't worn for years, as well as the ones with holes in, putting the winter ones in a box.

Then you come across a fish net stocking and sling it in the bin.

Then you take it out and put it over your head.

Which gives you an idea ...

So you take it off and start applying thick black make-up over your face.

Because you're quite angry about all the advertising aimed at women having to look young, pretty, cute and sexy all the time.

Because you're not young. Nor are you sexy-looking (you never wanted to be).

The pressure to look beautiful and attractive started when you were a baby, with pink bootees, and continued through childhood and beyond.

Because if you don't look beautiful, no one loves you, right?

So you stick the stocking back over your head and face, and take photos of yourself, and start searching for other images to cut, paste and generally tweak. You use your phone to take a photograph of a bag your sister gave you. It has a flower design on it. You bluetooth it onto the computer

So you spend over ten hours on this image, making several versions.

Which is a good thing to do when you're depressed.

Keywords: advertising,depression,photoshop