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Where am I? The clue is in the picture. / 25 June 2012

Bull drawing. Charcoal and chinese ink. 10 x 10 cms

Cornwall Farm Bull. Charcoal and chinese ink. 10 x 10 cms

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Not for the first time, I’ve been showing a lack of commitment, blowing hot and cold. This time it’s art and disability politics where I am conspicuous by lack of appearance.

Reading other peoples news, reviews and points of view, I think, I wasn’t there (again).

Why does this keep happening (if it does)?

Am I any different (worse or better) from anyone else?

Basically, I’m wondering if there is something wrong; with me.  Or maybe it is that my life is too damn chaotic for any kind of long term relationship, except where blood, life and death are the main ingredients.

So if there are things going on without me, where am I and what am I doing?

I am here. I am trying to be me.

Surely this is enough for any artist.


See the complete Cornwall Farm Sketchbook in my Flickr photostream.










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