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I'm an inconsistent artist, hugely distracted by life. I create in a variety of media including words, pictures, food and laundry. I do it because I can't seem to not. Sometimes it's fun.

Mind mapping: How to see a mess in a mass of stuff.

29 September 2014


MInd map - a diagram to help organise one's thoughts.

I've had a(nother) clear-out. Open University B789 course notes have long gathered dust upon the at-risk register. I took the chunky file ino the garden to read. Result? Too interesting to throw away. For example, this diagram is a mind map I made at the beginning of the course. The diagram says as much about the state of my mind as the subject I was studying (voluntary sector management). Mind mapping is a way to organise one's thoughts, to help write essays and speeches, or exam...

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Lazy Sunday: A patchwork of possibilities. TB or not TB. No question.

23 September 2014


Day in Life (working title) 2014.

I have a problem. I can’t (as in it’s not happening) draw, paint, write or otherwise create. Cook, even. Much. These days. Apart from Tzatzki, which doesn’t involve heat, so strictly speaking isn’t cooking. Pathetic. Nor can I read. I finished a book two weeks ago and since then I haven’t managed to start another. Pathetic. Yet! I’m surrounded by stimuli, natural as well as the other kind. So last Sunday I took photographs of some of the things around me; in...

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Sometimes I look up. Words and a picture.

11 September 2014


Sky. Whispy clouds. A tiny bit of a building.

Sometimes. Words. Trees and grass sun clouds and birds moon togetherness, yes loneliness, yes nothingness, yes hopelessness, yes hopefulness, yes colour and light grey curiosity and wonder grime holidays and alcohol school happiness and freedom crime cat and mouse rain hat and coat run girl and boy mum sock and shoe thud laugh and cry smile hi and bye good.   Sometimes. A picture. Two months ago, when I took this photograph (on my phone) I was doing a lot of lying down (for medicinal...

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Wine, women and song: Dinner parties and midnight feasts.

9 September 2014


The dining hall at St Georges, Chailey Heritage.

On 2nd September 2014 I watched the YouTube live streamed performance of Katherine Araniello’s The Dinner Party on my tablet. I thoroughly enjoyed it for all the reasons Sophie Partridge gives in her review. Originally I thought the work was inspired by The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago. But no. Its inspiration was the 1920s German comedy, Dinner for One, where the butler stands in (and drinks) for all the distinguished yet absent/non-existent guests. Drunkenness and mayhem ensue....

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This blog is a work in progress: notes on The Dinner Party Revisited

3 September 2014


note-writing on a lined page

I’m not in London. I’m at home, making the best of it, imagining the world outside and what it’s like at Unlimited at the Southbank Centre. (I was there in 2012). Not that I’m not busy. I’ve been tweeting and facebooking; screenshotting, hashtagging, linking and uploading about last night’s live screening of Katherine Araniello’s Unlimited performance. I’ll write a blog, because The Dinner Party Revisited is interesting and important. Here’s...

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