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As a socially engaged Text Based Artist and Writer I am interested in the schisms and conflicts that exist between the personal and cultural agendas. I am fascinated by the way in which we both create and try to make sense of the worlds which we live in. I am interested in the experience of attempting to mediate diverse worlds, attempting to maintain an arts practice and navigate through the increasing complexities of the everyday.

The Creative Case

22 January 2014


Yesterday I received an email from Creative Case North 'consortium' ( - smacks of a dehumanised post- armageddon cultural landscape). There's going to be an event. The ever optimistic side of me thought Great! Something positive for diversity in THE NORTH. Maybe something will change, maybe we are making progress. But then with heavy heart i remembered the last Creative Case event I went to in the north last year. On the back of that i wrote this rant for Axis. I...

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