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drawing of a woman dressed in blue holding a large knife in the air

Day 165: My Psychotherapist. Image © Bobby Baker; photograph © Andrew Whittuck

Drawing from Bobby Baker's Diary Drawings showing a woman crouching as if sitting on an invisible chair, poised it seems to spring upward, painted all in blue, with grey spiky hair, pale orange boots, a more vivid orange tongue, one hand with long green nails, the other hand with similar red nails. She wears pale orange boots with very long Aladdin-like toes, and clutches a huge carving knife in her left hand. The background is the white background of the ring-bound sketchbook page against a wood-grain effect, as if the page from the sketchbook had been placed on a table. A caption below the image reads: "I felt angry that this relationship, which had been very helpful initially, just wasn’t working any more. I really liked her and saw how much she wanted to help. I was too polite and felt guilty, so I couldn’t tell her."