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Crippen six frame cartoon strip telling the the story of a day in the life of the O'Crypes family

Crippen's O'Crypes cartoon - episode 2

Episode 2

Brad becomes an activist

Jood’s had her benefits cut!

Mum is so thick sometimes – you’d think she had learning difficulties, not Jood. I told her ATOS were dodgy. She thinks just because they’re sponsoring the Paralympics they must be OK. But every day I read on the internet about some other poor crip being told they’re fit for work and getting their benefits cut.

And then they top themselves, or die of a heart attack, or the stress of it all kills them.

Because their ‘benefits’ are taken away!

It’s a joke calling them that – they’re about as much benefit as a kick in the backside. They keep you going, and that’s about it.

My cousin Enda in Ireland, he’s out of work at the moment. But he gets €188 a week! Imagine what life would be like for us if we got that. And it’s not as if Jood doesn’t want to work. But Westsea is like a ghost town. Mary Portas wouldn’t even come here, never mind tart it up.

I mean who are the café owners going to employ – Jood, or some fit school leaver?

The big excitement round here is the new gallery they’re talking about. Every other seaside town is getting one. But ours is ‘delayed’.

But we’ve got more than enough children’s homes. Another racket!

I need to do something, something on behalf of crips everywhere. I’m tired of being a  good little boy, the kind of kid everyone can look down on just because I’ve got wheels.

I could just about put up with that until all this ATOS bullshit.

I’m going to make links with the Black Triangle group, with 'Bad' Crip organisations like the Direct Action Network (DAN), I’m going to become an Activist, not a Passivist.

Because first they’re coming for Jood, then it’ll be Gramps and Nan, and then it’ll be me.

But I’ll be waiting for them.

Crip Power!