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Joe is bewitched by Adventures in the Dark and Light

I haven't blogged on dao in ages so am probably well forgotten and won't burden you with the reasons for my recent silence. Now, I feel absolutely compelled to break that silence to share something with you.

I had a wonderful evening out last night at Graeae Theatre in London enjoying a cracking performance by Penny Pepper - Adventures in the Dark and Light.

I've enjoyed Penny's poems and short stories over the years. However, I've somehow missed the opportunity to see her perform live. Last night's performance I would recommend to anyone. Especially anyone who wants to hear some good writing which is often gorgeously erotic while never being cheesy or bullying like a lot of the corporate sex-charged entertainment of today. Penny could definitely teach Lady Gaga a lot about exploring sensuality without stooping to sleaze. I also like her unreconstructed left-wing politics. So refreshing in this age of political blandness.

My favourite part of the evening was Penny's singing. She has a very unique voice and I would have loved to hear more. Sophie Partridge also performed a couple of Penny's poems and both performers really worked well together, as did Penny's accompanying celloist Jo-Anne Cox.

All in all it was a great adult night out. If you ever get a chance to grab Penny's act before she takes it to Edninburgh later this year - do it. A great way to help chase the blues away.

Posted by Anonymous, 9 June 2011

Last modified by Anonymous, 9 June 2011