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Rats / 23 October 2013

Tired and confused at the station, accidently I put the wrong ticket in the barrier. I move back so as not to get in anyones way, but too late, I'm being swung around by someone gripping my elbow and pulling at my handbag. "Standing in the way," shouts a middle aged holiday maker wearing a bright shirt and back pack. Shock, anger, confusion all the way home on the tube. I soothe my elbow and this helps.

Another day, a "support worker" I've never met before rings the doorbell unexpectedly, telling me stuff up about my tennacy agreement that is completely untrue. Anger, trauma, confusion, feeling violated, I become unwell. The sound of the doorbell haunts me, I replicate this sound on my cello and somehow it turns into something else. Something completely free and liberating that merges effortlessly with a piece I started before about my experience at the station. I call this music "Rats."


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