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Poem inspired by Sovay Berrimen's New Voices workshop / 14 February 2011

'From Another Side' was a performance I wrote about my experiences of having a stroke when I was 17. I would like to revamp it and bring it back into reality but I am scared. I have been thinking about it for ages but the fear is to strong at the moment.

There are a lot of things that I would love to do but i don't know how others will feel, whether they will want me to disturb there life. I am turning into a wimp in my old age. FEEL THE FEAR BUT DO IT ANYWAY.

From Another Side
Throw 'em in at the deep end
Fulfil their stereotypes
Own the taboos
Feel the Fear
'What a tragic life she's had'
So young as well'

A girl lost
into a woman...
still lost,
But this time in a world she gets
The same world
but now WITH BALLS
Big hairy ones.

Break this tension
I'm getting too hot and flustered
'is this it, dunt she go on!'
'Well missy, think about your own life
the trials and tribulations
we ain't that different!'

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