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Dolly Sen's 'The Oblivion Evangelist' in reprint

 A reprint of one of my novels is in the pipeline. Oblivion Evangelist, a very dark but funny book about a female serial killer, will get its 2nd reprint by Jagged Books, an independent publisher specialising in pulp fiction. 


It should be out in May, will send out more details nearer the time. A little bit more info on the book



Posted by Dolly Sen, 18 February 2012

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 18 February 2012

Help the Normals - A Charity Appeal

 Please give £3 a month to help these poor creatures


Why reward people for being unimaginative, mediocre and unquestioningly obedient, some may say.



I am going to stick my neck out and say they are deserving of  equal human rights.



Besides it is expensive being boring and judgmental, and to pay taxes to subsidise bankers and then blame it all on people with the least amount of power in our society.


Please give generously - they won't

Posted by Dolly Sen, 7 February 2012

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 7 February 2012